King & Country was founded in 1984 in Hong Kong by two expatriate Scots.   Andy C. Neilson and Laura McAllister. Andy, a former Royal Marine Commando had been interested in and collecting toy soldiers since a young boy. Laura provided the solid business background and support.

From humble beginnings, King & Country has developed into one of the world’s major designers and producers of hand sculpted, hand painted 1:30 scale military and civilian miniatures.   In addition to their miniatures figures, the company has also developed an amazing and expanding range of scale model buildings, fighting vehicles and tanks, ships and aircraft all made of polyresin.

From their headquarters in Hong Kong, they oversee every stage of design, development and production in mainland China.   They also take part in trade and collector shows in Europe and the United States plus a “meet’n’greet” tour of Australia in July each year

Among their best selling ranges are “Streets of Old Hong Kong” – a colourful and dynamic series of Chinese figures and buildings depicting street life in-turn-of-the century Colonial Hong Kong.    Their various “World War Two” series encompass figures, fighting vehicles and buildings that stretch from the shore of D-Day Normandy to the Sands of Iwo Jima all points in between including the German Afrika Korps, the British Eighth Army, Arnhem, the Russian Front and the Battle of the Bulge.

Other exciting and colourful series cover such diverse topics as The Age of Napoleon, The American Revolutionary War, The American Civil War, Ancient Egypt, The Crimean War, The Crusades and The Alamo.   In the last few years, the series has expanded into the Great War which includes the Mighty Australian Lighthorse.

King & Country make the finest Toy Soldiers/Military Miniatures in the world and The Toy Soldier Experience is very proud to be able to take these fine products to the collectors of Australia.